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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

The Zyme Platform

Introducing zyme cloud platform 3.0

Zyme cloud platform 3.0 is the most advanced CDM platform with a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art SaaS solutions and value-added services that empower leading companies to get the maximum ROI out of their channel investment.

zyme cloud platform 3.0 is the most advanced CDM platform

zyme cloud platform 3.0 is a futuristic CDM platform that raises the bar higher for the capabilities and advantages that users must expect from commercial CDM solutions.

Why zyme cloud platform 3.0?

Zyme cloud platform 3.0 touches on some of the key areas that can power the next phase of growth for a manufacturing company. From offering unparalleled data quality and unmatched performance to offering visibility to the edge of the channel, the new CDM platform has a direct impact on driving channel performance.
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Why zyme cloud platform 3.0?

Powerful enabling technologies – zyme cloud platform is powered by several powerful engines and data bases of rich, curated content. The Global Channel Directory of more than 1.5 million unique channel partners ensuring global partner coverage, the highly scalable TruePay engine for accurate incentives payouts, and ZymeNet that powers customers’ partner portals with clean, enriched data are examples of some of these technologies that make Zyme CDM platform the most advanced CDM platform.

Data Quality

Unparalleled data quality – Clean, trustworthy data is the heart of any CDM solution. In-line SISO (Sales-In-Sales-Out) validations, rich content directories, and powerful engines such as the TrueID engine enable customers to use clean, validated, enhanced and enriched channel data.

Scalability and

Unmatched scalability and performance – Zyme’s CDM platform scales to support large global deployments for leading multi-national companies, while delivering Big Data capabilities that process millions of transactions in less than 15 minutes. With a high-availability architecture, Zyme offers 99.9% solution uptime.

Data to Value

Connecting data to value – Zyme offers a library of APIs that enables IT teams of customers and partners to integrate trustworthy channel data with other enterprise applications. An ecosystem of zymeConnect partners take data usability to the next level. Moreover, as 100% SaaS solutions, Zyme solutions lead to significant implementation cost advantages compared to building in-house capabilities.


Maximize Incentives ROI – With a highly scalable TruePay engine with Big Data capabilities, Zyme can process millions of transactions to quickly and accurately calculate incentives payout, which leads to satisfied and engaged channel partners.


Comprehensive Partner Management Services – Zyme offers global as well as region-specific partner management services in local languages and time-zones. This also enables n-tier partner visibility across multi-tiered, fragmented emerging markets for channel sales growth.

To The Channel

Visibility to the channel edge – Zyme CDM platform enables companies to have complete visibility to the very edge of their channel, including end-customers buying a product. This level of visibility and data helps manufacturers quickly and accurately process sales credit assignments.

Internet of
Things offering

Optimize Internet of Things Offering – Zyme offers cutting-edge solutions that can track serial numbers of products flowing across the channel, and helps customers close the loop on their IOT offering.


Omnichannel – zymeEcommerce helps companies implement a robust omnichannel strategy by monitoring online price trends, product visibility, and product perception vis-à-vis competitor products.

Easy & Rapid

Easy and rapid implementation – Zyme’s innovative CDM solutions can be easily and rapidly implemented without requiring a major consulting effort. Moreover the solutions, designed for self-service and self-administration, are easy to use.

On-demand information

On-demand information – Zyme offers advanced on-demand analytics in self-serve mode. Users can self-generate reports on-demand. Moreover, with the industry’s first mobile app, these incisive analytics are available at the fingertips of every sales person.


Key Enabling Technologies – The secret sauce!

The secret sauce of zyme cloud platform 3.0’s unmatched capabilities are a series of powerful engines and rich content directories. These algorithms and global databases enable Zyme’s CDM platform to convert millions of transactions into trustworthy channel intelligence.
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Key Enabling Technologies – The secret sauce!
Cloud Platform

The Impact of Channel Visibility

The end result of Channel Data Management is better visibility in each area of business vulnerability. This can occur when companies are forced to rely on indirect sales in a constellation of distant markets.

These are some of the channel business blind spots that the Zyme CDM platform brings to light, in this case, for a manufacturer of consumer goods. Once these issues are seen, they can be fixed.

The Impact of Channel Visibility
The Impact of Channel Visibility

The chart below shows, area by area, the savings that would result when a mid-size consumer goods company with $1B in channel sales adopted a robust Channel Data Management platform like Zyme’s.

Cost Savings with Zyme's Channel Data Management solution
Cost Savings with Zyme's Channel Data Management solution

Operational Advantages

Some companies have cobbled together their own answers to the Channel Data Management problem, but none has produced a solution as complete, reliable or affordable as the Zyme Platform.

Guaranteed support, compliance, extensibility and business continuity are all part of the package you invest in when you choose Zyme. And if problems arise, you always know whom to call.

Zyme’s Industry Leading Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme's Industry Leading Channel Data Management Platform
Zyme’s Industry Leading Channel Data Management Platform

Integrated Business Solutions

The Zyme Platform powers and integrates a premium selection of Channel Data Management solutions, so you always have a coherent global view of your products, partners, problems and business opportunities.

Good data leads to good decisions. Learn More

“We have a totally data-driven company, thanks to Zyme.”

- Acer, Inc.