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Use Cases - Channel Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Supply Chain

“With Zyme, we now have the information to plan our business based on customer demand.”

- Logitech


  • Do you know which retailers are at the risk of a potential stock-out?
  • How accurate is your demand forecasting?
  • Do you know how much inventory in your channel is at the risk of being obsolete?

Solution: Zyme Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme enables you to:

  • Avoid inventory write-off costs by automating the monitoring channel inventory build ups at the Tier 1 or Tier 2 or retail store level.
  • Reduce the cost of accumulating and disposing of aging inventory by automating visibility to channel inventory.
  • Increase revenues by providing stock at POS where sales are lost due to stock-outs.
  • Reduce the cost of accelerated shipments by providing early visibility to potential stock out locations.
  • Make better use of capital in the inventory by improving Inventory Forecasting.
  • Reduce the cost of revenues by focusing on high value and high margin "Route to Customer" opportunities with Sell-in/Sell-through Analysis.
  • Reduce the cost of returns by earlier identification of potential product issues and partners with higher than average return rates.
  • Reduce the costs of cross shipments and excessive product movements by automating channel visibility and better aligning shipments with demand.

Supply Chain Management Platform