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Use Cases - Channel Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Sales Execution

“With Zyme, it feels like we just installed a Ferrari engine in Salesforce.”

- Plantronics


  • What are your net margins on channel sales?
  • Are you certain that your special price authorizations are being applied to the right deals?
  • Can you compare your segmented weekly channel sales with the TCI benchmark to see how you fare against the industry?

Solution: Zyme Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme enables you to:

  • Improve bottom-line by decreasing expenditure on merchandising, inventory, logistics, and transportation across all trading partners through Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).
  • Drive sales performance by aligning sales and marketing goals with incentive payouts and monitoring execution against those plans on a weekly basis.
  • Reduce costs associated with channel conflict by identifying deal registrations and aligning the right channel partner with the deal.
  • Improve the deal closure rate by identifying the deals earlier in the process for sales, support and special pricing.
  • Improve the sales cycle time by identifying the leads and opportunities to route to the partner with highest probability to close the deal in the quickest timeframe.
  • Align POS and inventory data with customer segments to drive segment performance.
  • Use leader boards and other peer reporting methods to encourage competition in the channel.
  • Understand the total margins generated in the channel sales environment by tracking and managing all the elements of channel contra including partner discounts, incentives, customer specific discounts, rebates, MDF and price protection.
  • Track special pricing across multiple deals and multiple customers and decrease the costs associated with un-earned or misapplied special price discounts.
  • Improve sales productivity, morale and engagement while increasing revenue by leverage accurate POS and inventory data to automate sales credit assignment and commissioning.
Sales Execution Platform
Sales Execution Use Case