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Use Cases - Channel Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Finance, Risk and Compliance

“Thanks to Zyme, we can now trust our channel data”

- Unify


  • Can you confidently close book at the quarter end?
  • Are you certain that the goods intended to be sold in USA are only being sold in the USA?
  • Do you know who your high risk partners are?

Solution: Zyme Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme enables you to:

  • Recognize revenue more confidently by using the sell-out POS data to recognize the revenue from channel sales net of all channel contra.
  • Use SISO reconciliation to improve the data integrity of the channel reporting.
  • Predict overstock and incorporate it into future financial planning.
  • Model risk, exposure in channel and liability in channel arising from inventory and incentive programs.
  • Reduce the administrative cost involved in compliance by automation of compliance and automated risk monitoring.
  • Avoid fines and compliance incident costs caused by problematic partners by monitoring partner profiles and transactions to determine High Risk Partners and High Risk Transactions.
  • Reduce audit costs by conducting automated risk detection and by focusing audit resources on high risk partners with high risk transactions.
  • Reduce the revenue lost to gray market activities by identifying the sources of gray market goods.
Finance, Risk and Compliance Platform
Finance, Risk and Compliance Platform