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Use Cases - Channel Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Channel Marketing

“Our channel marketing folks love being able to drill into the data and understand which resellers are driving our business successes.”

- Xirrus


  • Do you know where the white spaces in your target market are?
  • Do you know which partners sold very well in the last quarter, but their performances are steadily decreasing?
  • Do you know the actual sales generated by the Campaigns that you executed this year?

Solution: Zyme Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme enables you to:

    • Increase the revenues by identifying unaddressed market segment and improving coverage.
    • Make key business decisions for effective marketing, promotions and product planning by grouping prospective/current customers based on behavioral and demographic attributes.
    • Increase partner program effectiveness by focusing efforts on high performing partners and cutting investments in unproductive partners.
    • Stay on top of changes in sales patterns and ensure corrective partner management actions are taken before it’s too late.
    • Revise sales targets, and map coverage to market segmentation and improve channel incentive program ROI.
    • Improve sales execution effectiveness by aligning customer segments with partner segmentation to ensure the right mix of partners are covering the customer segment opportunity.
    • Maximize profits by designing, executing and managing campaigns to deliver the right offer via the right channel at the right time.
    • Use the channel data to “close the loop” and match sales data with cost data in order to determine campaign ROI.
    • Generate leads and uncover up-sell/cross-sell opportunities with enriched sales data.
    • Determine the optimal product mix for channel partners’ offerings.
    • Improve OEM and partner alliance effectiveness by aligning spend with alliance partner productivity. Leverage alliance scorecards to focus valuable company resources on high synergy channel partners.
Channel Marketing Platform
Channel Marketing Use Case