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Use Cases - Channel Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Channel Incentive Payments & Loyalty Programs

“Zyme has streamlined the process of calculating rebates and discounts. Our payments are now more accurate and much less labor intensive.”

- Xirrus


  • Are you certain that you are paying accurate incentives to channel partners? Did you know that high-tech companies overpay incentives by as much as 15%?
  • Do you know your margins on channel sales?
  • Did you ever wish that you would not have to deal with the claims filed by partners and their payment disputes?

Solution: Zyme Channel Data Management Platform

Zyme enables you to :

  • Reduce the costs of the incentive programs by avoiding incentives overspending and duplicate payments.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the program by aligning it with the sales, reducing the cycle time and improving alignment with partners.
  • Adopt an automated system for incentive calculation and spend more time on aligning incentives with strategy.
  • Enhance the revenue with highly motivated channel partners that are focused on the right customers, and on delivering results.
  • Keep programs in step with the changes in markets and strategies, by monitoring performance in a timely fashion and quickly model potential new programs.
  • Reduce the administrative costs of the incentive programs and accelerate payments by facilitating claimless processing.
  • Gain clear visibility into each type of incentive at the partner and aggregated level (region, country, BU, etc.,) enabling you to determine the total value of the incentive to each partner.
  • Plan incentives based on the overall value-add of each partner.
  • Create predictive models for the overall channel compensation linked to revenue generation.
  • Measure market penetration and customer satisfaction through the value addition of partners.
  • Automate and validate all payments with a proper set of approvals and audit controls.
  • Improve the accuracy of sales credit assignments and boost salesforce productivity by enabling an automated and efficient process.
  • Drive the performance of tier 2 to tier N partners by tracking incentives at the reseller level.
Incentives and Loyalty Platform
Incentives and Loyalty Platform