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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

zymeIncentivesSM - Channel Incentives Programs and Rebate Management

“Zyme has really helped us with creating monthly sales reports and quarterly rebate calculations for our channel partners.”

– Xerox

Business challenge

Leading technology manufacturing companies often drive increased sales by financially rewarding the performance of their channel partners with rebates and incentives programs. More than $1 trillion is estimated to be spent by high-tech companies on Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and rebates for channel partners to increase sales of strategic products in targeted geographies. However, without accurate, granular data, and complete visibility into channel sales, the process of incentives management is mired in issues.

  • Companies often end up overpaying incentives by 15% or more, thereby having a direct financial impact on their bottom line
  • Inability to accurately manage tiered incentives programs leads to incorrect payments being made to channel partners
  • Channel partners face long lead times – sometimes running into months – for incentives payment cycles
  • Validating and resolving disputes regarding incentives payout can be an arduous and time-intensive undertaking
  • Overheads associated with manual validation and processing of incentives erodes business benefits and operational efficiencies

The end result is that of demotivated channel partners, which can have a significant impact on a company’s business growth and sustainability plans.

Zyme helps manufacturers address these challenges by offering the most advanced cloud-based CDM platform with unparalleled capabilities to collect, curate, and enrich transactional data into decision-grade intelligence. zyme cloud platform 3.0 provides customers with complete visibility across the entire channel value chain.

“Channel incentives continue to burden suppliers, in a recent SiriusDecisions incentive survey 43% of respondents stated they are still using manual processes that are cumbersome and subject to error.”

– SiriusDecisions


Supported by 99.9% clean and accurate channel data processed by Zyme’s CDM platform, Zyme offers the most comprehensive, data-driven incentives management solution in the industry. zymeIncentivesSM is a highly scalable, flexible, turn-key, automated, end-to-end incentives management solution that helps companies define, track, accurately calculate, and manage partner payouts for a comprehensive set of incentives program types. Zyme customers can leverage the scale, configurability and the breadth of zymeIncentivesSM to automate and seamlessly manage a wide range of incentives programs, including:

  • Rebates
  • MDFs and Co-op
  • Deal Registrations
  • Ship & Debit
  • Price Protection
  • Trade-in, SPIFs, referrals, and others

zymeIncentivesSM is powered by the high performance TruePay engine that utilizes Big Data technologies to process millions of transactions to calculate accurate incentives payout for each transaction. With real and accurate channel data as the foundation of managing partner incentives, companies can accurately target the right partners with the right programs to increase partner participation, drive desired behavior, and increase channel sales while decreasing overall spend by plugging leaky overpayments.

zymeIncentivesSM offers users the following capabilities:

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zyme capabilities

Incentives Capabilities

Manage Claims

Execute Payment

Manage Workflows

Custom User Views

Calculate Partner Payout

On-demand reports
and analytics

Define Custom Programs

Solution administration

Salesforce integration

For customers on Salesforce CRM platform, zymeIncentivesSM offers pre-built integration using an AppExchange-certified native Force.com application called zymeIncentivesSM for Salesforce. Partner payouts, both current and historical, and partner claims are automatically linked to the appropriate partner accounts within Salesforce, providing channel sales and marketing teams with a unified view of partner performance within Salesforce CRM.

zymeIncentivesSM for Salesforce also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce PRM and Partner Communities, enabling visibility of program performance data to customer and partner users.

zymeIncentivesSM advantages:

  • Reduces cost of the incentive programs by avoiding incentives overspending and duplicate payments, thereby improving channel sales margin by 10-15%
  • Automates the system for claimless incentive calculation and payouts, reducing the overhead costs associated with manual claims-based calculations, validations and payment
  • Significantly reduced payout time (from months to days) leads to partner satisfaction, which in turn, turbocharges partners to out-perform their goals
  • Engaged partners enable proper sales pipeline visibility and optimized supply-chain planning, further reducing operational costs for manufacturers
  • Drive the performance of tier 2 to tier N partners by tracking incentives at the reseller level.
  • Enables manufacturers to easily administer multi-tiered incentive programs
  • Provides visibility into each type of incentive at the partner and aggregated level (region, country, line of business, and others)

“In a recent SiriusDecisions incentive survey, 42 percent of respondents stated they could only measure incentive performance at a partner type/tier level, and 16 percent stated they measured at a geographical/regional/country level; this results in an inability to understand the impact on individual partner profitability.”

- SiriusDecisions