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“Monitoring the e-commerce channel is an important part of our channel strategy. zymeEcommerceSM allows us to gain a deeper understanding of not only the trends in our pricing but the additional attributes that customers value. Zyme’s proven flexibility and channel expertise made them our number one choice.”

- Netgear

Business Challenge

One of the most defining trends in the market today is the emergence of e-commerce as a mainstay of how companies conduct business with each other or consumers. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) segment of e-commerce has been particularly a major driver, with global B2C e-commerce estimated to top $2.5 trillion by 2017.

Manufacturers engaged in omnichannel e-commerce must navigate their business growth by leveraging a tremendous amount of data flowing back through the online channel. However, executives of leading manufacturing companies are often challenged by the following questions:

  • Can I trust my online channel data 100%? If not, how do I bridge this trust-gap?
  • How can I effectively track and monitor price, online-visibility, and consumer perception of my products compared to competitors’ products?
  • How do I ensure various e-tailers adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) requirements?
  • How can I increase the ROI of my online marketing spend and optimize my e-commerce channels?

Zyme helps industry leaders answers such questions by offering a comprehensive solution that is built on Zyme’s strong leadership and expertise in Channel Data Management (CDM), and a deep understanding of the Consumer technology industry. With a highly scalable robust platform that can synthesize and process data about millions of products, coupled by Zyme’s proprietary Global Product Directory, Zyme is increasingly becoming the first choice of manufacturers to stay competitive in the digital world.


zymeEcommerceSM is a comprehensive solution for all of the e-commerce channel related challenges that manufacturers face regularly. Zyme is widely acknowledged for its proprietary data management platform, including data acquisition, data validation, and data enrichment solutions. zymeEcommerceSM builds on this strong foundation to track three key areas of online channel metrics – product pricing, product visibility, and product perception to deliver incisive and actionable insight into the performance of the e-commerce channel.

Three key areas of online channel metrics tracked by zymeEcommerceSM

zymeEcommerceSM advantages:

Stay competitive

zymeEcommerceSM enables customers to gain competitive advantage by leveraging actionable insight into competitors’ product positioning, pricing, and product visibility metrics, including search rank and number of reviews across various e-commerce channels. By tracking competitors’ moves and consumer sentiment 3 times daily, customers can quickly adjust their own course of action. Customers can drill down to product family or SKU level data to identify the relative ranking of their products, and maximize the ROI of their online marketing spend.

zymeEcommerceSM helps customers gain competitive advantage by tracking online product visibility metrics

Manage optimal product pricing

zymeEcommerceSM helps customers identify the drivers of price erosion and take corrective action. Customers can track special promotions, historical pricing trends across e-tailers, and make decisions based on trustworthy data.

zymeEcommerceSM enables customers to optimize pricing by tracking historical trends

Minimize revenue loss

Customers can minimize revenue loss by closely monitoring potential out-of-stock inventory situations across various online channels and taking corrective action.

zymeEcommerceSM provides a comprehensive product snapshot, including inventory status across multiple e-tailers

zymeEcommerceSM helps us make pricing decisions based on actual data and also verify intelligence provided through other sources. The rich data visualization and drill-down capability has allowed our team to spend more time analyzing information and less on data gathering”

- Seagate Technology