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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution


“The key to successful channel management is combining accurate, timely sales data with powerful incentives that drive channel behavior. Zyme’s enterprise-grade CDM solution integrates seamlessly with Xactly’s incentive compensation management application – and allows companies to track, manage, and drive channel performance.”

– Xactly

Business Challenge

In this era of digital convergence, internet-enabled devices, and information exchange, consumers often notice that multiple applications interact with each other to enhance the overall user experience. However, at an enterprise level, companies often use disparate systems to execute different tasks. Similarly, different teams within a company have different touchpoints with the same prospect or a customer or an opportunity. Getting a holistic view is important from an operational as well as strategic perspective. But how do you integrate these seemingly independent applications with Zyme’s decision-grade data? How can Zyme’s CDM platform and your other business applications exchange information? The answer is Application Programming Interfaces or APIs as they are more commonly known.

APIs have come a long way from 1960s when they were more tactical in nature, enabling basic information interoperability between programs. Today, APIs form a strategic business imperative to drive overall user experience and strengthen an ecosystem of interconnected applications. Almost all major leading technology companies, whether in the consumer or enterprise space, recognize the importance of having APIs as an opportunity to extend their core capabilities for a wide range of use cases.


Zyme, the #1 CDM company in the world, offers users the ability to build on the unmatched capabilities of zyme cloud platform 3.0. zymeConnectSM is an integration framework that enables Zyme’s customers and partners to easily access and consume data from Zyme’s cloud platform, using the zymeConnectSM developer portal and zymeConnectSM APIs.

zymeConnectSM advantages:

  • Integrate with customer’s cloud or on premise applications, thereby enabling clean, decision-grade data from zyme cloud platform 3.0 to be used in downstream business processes and flows.
  • Integrate with PRM portals of customers or PRM vendors to enable an enriched channel partner experience.
  • Integrate with the cloud or on premise applications of ISVs and SIs to enable usage of data from Zyme’s CDM platform within these applications.
  • Provide custom feedouts that are not included in the standard zymeCDMSM feedouts.

“When [Qlik Sense is] delivered in conjunction with Zyme's unique combination of channel intelligence software, content, and services, business users in marketing, sales, operations, and finance functions gain an unparalleled and timely view of their channel sales data globally. This gives them the ability to make critical business decisions in a timely manner."

- Qlik