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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

zymeCDMSM – Channel Data Collection, Enrichment, and Reporting

“The insights we gain from CDM reports allow us to change course as needed. Automated channel data reveals the places we need to make changes and take corrective actions to drive more sales and better position ourselves for the future.”

- Motorola

Business Challenge

With more than $5 trillion in annual sales moving through the global indirect channel for just the high value industrial and technology sectors, tremendous business value remains locked in a manufacturer’s channel. Without access to clean, trustworthy channel data, manufacturers are unable to create actionable insights.


zymeCDMSM is Zyme’s flagship channel data management solution. It offers end-to-end CDM capabilities that turn raw channel data into actionable channel intelligence.

Data flow Across the Platform
zymeCDMSM acquires raw channel data and converts it into consumable channel intelligence

Data Acquisition

zymeCDMSM automatically collects and accepts partner data submission in any format and through any submission mode. Over 1 billion transactions are collected and processed every year, from channel partners across 150 countries. Powered by Zyme Feed Gateway, which is an integration gateway for automated, real-time, error-free data submission, zymeCDMSM makes it extremely easy for channel partners to report data. By easily on-boarding partners to Zyme’s CDM platform and making it extremely simple for them to submit data, manufacturers remove one of the key roadblocks for a successful CDM implementation. Zyme customers often report of achieving 100% partner coverage after deploying zymeCDMSM solution.

A key competitive advantage offered by zymeCDMSM is the TrueData Network Collect module. TrueData Network Collect module offers the capability to collect error-free point-of-sale and inventory data from the long tail of a heavily fragmented channel, as is often seen by manufacturers in certain specific geographies. With multiple small players forming the multi-tier distribution channel, and often dealing with relatively smaller volumes of products, zymeCDMSM’s TrueData Network Collect provides an exclusive self-serve, web-based interface for the channel partners to instantly validate data at the point of submission.

“Getting accurate, timely and complete data from channel partners has traditionally been a major struggle for device-manufacturing enterprises. The evolution of channel data management technology has made it possible to leverage decision-grade channel data to guide critical business decisions in marketing, financial compliance and even supply chain management.”

- Microsoft

Data Quality Enhancement

The next step is enhancing the quality of submitted data through powerful normalization and validation capabilities of zymeCDMSM. This ensures the data is complete, accurate, and usable. zymeCDMSM leverages several key enabling technologies to enhance data quality. Robust algorithms like the TrueID engine, and rich content directories such as the Global Channel Directory of more than 2 million validated channel partners, the Global Location Directory of more than 5 million postal location codes, and the Global Retailer Directory with more than 110,000 store-level details for 400+ retailers enable zymeCDMSM to accurate identify end-customers and N-tier channel partners in the submitted data. Specific deals, asset serials numbers, and SKUs are mapped at transaction level to enhance the overall quality of the submitted data. Moreover, incorrect data, duplicate transactions, invalid part numbers, missing fields, and incorrect date ranges get validated and corrected.

Data Enrichment

As a next step, zymeCDMSM can further supplement the high quality data with customer-specific enrichments through look-up against customer master catalogs, and reference data. While basic enrichments involving simple look-ups can be done in self-serve mode, some of the complex and conditional calculations can be availed via Zyme’s industry-leading services offering.

“Zyme’s solution replaced our manual name-cleansing and matching process with a scalable, more accurate, automated solution.”

- SonicWall

Data Analytics

The normalized, validated and enriched data is then sent to customers as feed out to be integrated with their downstream systems. Data can also be fed into Zyme’s analytics tools or dashboards so that customers can analyze the data and make critical business decisions at the blink of an eye.

Zyme Reports is Zyme’s advanced reporting tool and is built-into zymeCDMSM and zymeIncentivesSM. It provides a library of standard off the shelf reports, the ability for customers to create their own reports and comes with broadcast, subscription and alerts capabilities.

Exception Resolution in the Admin Workbench
Exception Resolution in the zymeCDMSM workbench

ZAP Business Intelligence and Reporting

zymeCDMSM offers a comprehensive set of ZAP modules that include prebuilt dashboards and customized reports for guided analytics, as well as offer powerful, yet flexible, data visualization capabilities for exploratory analytics.

zapDiscovery is a powerful, self-service analytics module that helps manufacturers looking for an analytics solution to help them understand their channel. zapDiscovery enables customers who have specific channel analytics needs to self-create their own views of data by leveraging a catalogue of pre-built visualizations, which have been distilled over a decade of Zyme’s leadership in the channel data world. The rich dashboards and stories created by users can be shared with other users for collaborative intelligence, as well as exported to a variety of formats, and consumed over mobile devices.

zapGlobal offers a central, unified, global view of channel performance. At the same time, granular country and region level data enable minimizing of stock-outs, and course-correction of sales performance. By allowing quick access to current and historical POS & Inventory data, zapGlobal highlights sales performance across products, partners and geographies. Moreover, manufacturers can easily identify partners with sharp increase or decrease in sales, arriving and departing resellers, and the end-customers.

Designed for channel and sales leaders
zapGlobal - Designed for channel and sales leaders
Designed for country and regional managers
zapGlobal – Consolidated view of arriving and departing accounts

zapRetail shows global retail channel performance at a store level. It provides a view of all retailers (direct and indirect) that report data, and an easy comparison of the performance of major retail partners. zapRetail also enables customers to track inventory and returns at a retailer level.

Designed for retail channel managers and leaders
zapRetail – Designed for retail channel managers and leaders

Zyme also offers industry’s first mobile-app to view analytics dashboards optimized for smartphones and tablets. Channel executives can easily access critical analytics on-the-go.

Download the Zyme app from iTunes App Store and Google Playstore today!


“Zyme helps us make pricing decisions based on actual data... The rich data visualization and drill-down capability has allowed our team to spend more time analyzing information and less on data gathering.”

- Seagate Technology

Data Consumption and Integration

Data Consumption and Integration

Clean, enhanced and enriched data from zymeCDMSM can be seamlessly integrated into customer’s downstream CRM, ERP and data warehouses for easy consumption. zymeCDMSM is natively integrated into Salesforce CRM environment providing end-to-end channel visibility and closing the loop on attainment against channel opportunities. With multiple Salesforce AppExchange certified applications, zymeCDMSM can automatically link POS and inventory data with Accounts and Products in Salesforce, enabling channel sales, operations, and marketing teams to have an account level view of worldwide channel performance.

Moreover, customers can link sales transactions reported by channel partners to respective opportunities on Salesforce.

zymeCDMSM advantages:

With complete visibility into the distribution channel data and actionable intelligence, zymeCDMSM offers the following advantages to customers.

  • Improve channel revenue by more than 5%
  • Optimize sales force utilization
  • Optimize channel marketing spend
  • Reduce inventory and logistics costs
  • Reduce channel audit effort and cost
  • Reduce financial exposure