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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution


“Zyme managed services have become a must-have for our Channel Operations. There’s no replacement for being able to deal with channel partners in their own language — not only are we achieving greater levels of communication with our partners, but it’s more effective communication because it’s in the local language and the local time zone.”

– Dell

Zyme offers a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading services that enable customers to derive the maximum ROI out of their CDM solutions. The deep CDM expertise of the services professionals complements Zyme’s 100% SaaS, fully automated CDM platform.

Managed Services

Zyme’s managed services offering is a combination of high impact, unique, value added services that enable customers to realize the maximum value from Zyme’s CDM solutions. These services help improve a customer’s channel data quality, manage partner interactions, and monitor the end to end channel data management process.

The different kinds of services offered as part of Zyme’s Managed Services are:

Partner Management Services

Zyme offers two kinds of partner management services –In-theatre Partner Management, and Centralized Partner Management. Zyme’s partner management services are powered by zymeNet, a self-serve communications framework that streamlines data submissions from channel partners, thereby improving reporting compliance and authentication.

In-theatre Partner Management services are offered to channel partners in more than 15 different languages on a 24 X 7 model with local toll-free numbers as well as online and email based support. As part of this service, the channel partners receive automated reminders for data submission. zymeNet enables channel partners to have visibility to their feed submission status and reporting compliance scores.

Centralized Partner Management services are offered in English language for channel partners during India business hours. Along with automated reminders for data submission, Zyme also offers exception management services that include resolution, follow up from Zyme Data Stewards, and response to exceptions related queries from partners.

Content Research Services

Content Research Services include Zyme Data Stewards performing research on products reported by channel partners to help Zyme customers identify granular details about products, product families, and SKUs. These services also include researching on reseller and end customer information reported on POS data. Depending on specific customer needs, Content Research Services can either be availed as either standard or premium services.

Advanced Integrity Analytics Services

Advanced Integrity Analytics services help customers in identifying discrepancies or variances reported in sales and inventory data from channel partners. As part of this service, Zyme provides customers with a report on the sales and inventory data variations found, possible reasons behind these variations, actions required for resolution of these variances, and status of the resolution actions, amongst others. Customers also get access to on online dashboard with analyses of all the variances that get identified.

Incentives Services

Incentives Services are offered to customers who subscribe to zymeIncentivesSM, an end-to-end incentives management solution from Zyme. Zyme facilitates loading of all partner claims to zymeIncentivesSM, transforming the claims into system acceptable formats, cleansing the claim files, and reformatting the files, as required. Zyme also offers support to key users of zymeIncentivesSM with responses and clarifications on calculations and processes related to the product. Zyme also offers support to key users of zymeIncentivesSM with responses and clarifications on calculations and processes related to the product.

Customer Solutions Engineering

Customer Solutions Engineering is a value-added service that helps customers address any ongoing enhancements to the solution post successful implementation. The different kinds of services offered include solution scoping discussions, business rule changes, changes to the master data loading scripts to include additional fields, format changes, delimiter changes, changes to the feed out structure, creation of custom reports, changes to the existing system configurations to support new requirements, and others.

Business Analyst Services

Zyme customers can subscribe to Business Analyst services for customized data steward or analytical support for their businesses. Zyme business analysts help with creating analytical reports for channel data insights, inventory analyses, compliance score analyses, partner reporting patterns, analyses and resolution of variances identified through inline SISO reconciliation process, analyses of aged exceptions, improving reporting compliance by channel partners, interacting with key users on data consumption, process clarification, and other such services. Zyme business analysts also assist in creating and publishing custom reports and trackers.

Professional Services

Along with a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services, Zyme also offers professional services such as Deployment Services, Consulting Services, Partner Assessment and Partner Recruitment Services.

As part of Deployment Services, Zyme offers the following services:

  • Platform Deployment – consists of provisioning all zyme cloud platform 3.0 components and tools purchased by customers
  • Solutions Deployment – consists of implementing all customer-specific solution configurations and solution extensions that is required for a customer to start using Zyme solutions
  • Project and Program Management – helps manage solutions deployment to ensure a successful go-live.

Additionally, Zyme offers the following partner focused professional services:

  • Partner Assessment – Assess partner-coverage, and perform partner segmentation to determine the most optimal investment strategy
  • Partner Recruitment – Identify high-impact channel partners for companies based on geographic or vertical-market needs, and manufacturer-partner fit

Zyme’s Consulting Services are a series of best practices that drive adoption and increase return on channel investment.