Channel sales data management

Data Management - Channel Data Collection & Reporting

“The insights we gain from CDM reports allow us to change course as needed. Automated channel data reveals the places we need to make changes and take corrective actions to drive more sales and better position ourselves for the future.”

- Motorola


Making critical business decisions, based on channel data you can’t really trust, is another word for guessing. Sales transaction, inventory, claims, receipts, and returns data pour in from partners from everywhere. Picking through the pile by hand, matching SKU for SKU, catching incorrect files and duplicate transactions, is asking for an endless string of errors. Walking into a boardroom with a bundle of files under your arm is like blindfolding yourself before stepping into your car. You won’t get very far.

Solution: Automated data collection, validation and enrichment (TrueData, TrueID)

Data acquisition. Data validation. Data enrichment. When it’s done right, you build a dependable foundation for all your business decisions.

Data flow Across the Platform
Data Flow Across the Platform

It’s like an engine running 24/7, year in and year out. We handle 60,000 data feeds per month from our business clients in 200+ countries.

Data Acquisition

We automatically collect and accept partner channel data reports in any format. This is because we want to make it easy for partners to submit data. Format restriction is one of the biggest deterrents for partners submitting data, and stricter guidelines result in decreased capability to acquire channel data. Zyme’s customer report shows an increase of 75-100% in partner reporting coverage after solution deployment. 

Data Validation

The next step is validation to ensure that the data is complete, accurate and usable.

The file, field-level and transaction-level problems corrected during validation include incorrect files, duplicate transactions, invalid part number, missing fields, incorrect date ranges and SKU mapping. Customers can also specify validations based on their unique business needs. Business level validations include:

Clean, timely data is the lifeblood of any business

Validating the accuracy of POS and inventory data provided by partners: The engine runs a number of checks including Sales-in-Sales-out reconciliation (SISO), minimum inventory check, unexpected inventory decreases to identify dubious practices like cross-shipments, unbundling of packaged products and potential gray market activities. The tool also monitors SISO ratio, sales trend, and partner variance reports to identify red flags and takes proactive steps. Think of it as a running credit check to see if the borrower is worthy of getting a loan.

Validating the integrity of the reported serial numbers for high value SKU

Validations such as design registration and ship and debit information that are crucial for semiconductor business

The right information is in the right place, in the right way, and is double checked.

Sample Data Validation
Sample Data Validation

Data Enrichment

Once data is validated, it goes through enrichment where important information is added to improve the usability of the channel data, and makes it more suited for the decision making process. Some field and transaction level enrichments include SKU bundling/unbundling, product hierarchy/geography or theatre application, price assignment, currency conversion, and unauthorized SKU detection.

Field and transaction level enrichments Include:

  • SKU bundling/unbundling
  • product hierarchy/geography or theatre application
  • price assignment
  • currency conversion
  • unauthorized SKU detection

Business level enrichments include:

  • Enriching the transaction with missing and incorrect geographical location information (country, state, city and postal code) to improve the accuracy of sales credit assignments and in-country geographical analyses. The Zyme value add includes a location directory with enhanced prebuilt location datasets for 100 countries facilitating granular, location-based data enrichment.
  • Sales territory assignment capabilities facilitate territory mapping on the incoming validated, standardized and enriched POS data.
  • SIC/NAICS code enrichment enables customers to create strategic initiatives by vertical markets.
  • Optional integration into D&B for customer matching and enrichment.

Customer specific enrichments can be easily setup based on the customer’s unique requirement.

Data Publishing

The normalized, validated and enriched data is then sent to customers as feed out to be integrated with their downstream systems. Data can also be fed into Zyme’s analytic tools or dashboards so customers can slice and dice the data and make critical business decisions at the blink of an eye.

Self-serve User Interface

Zyme’s data management platform provides complete self-service capabilities with powerful admin tools which include:

Production Tracker: A web-based tool that allows customers to track the progress of a reporting partner’s feed from receipt at Zyme until it is delivered to the customer. This tool ensures complete visibility into each feed received from the reporting partners. The Production Tracker contains dashboards for submission tracking, exception tracking and compliance tracking (accuracy, timeliness and completeness,) thereby also helping with coverage improvement.

File Receipt Trend by Fiscal Weekend
File Receipt Trend by Fiscal Weekend
Sales - Receipt Status
Sales - Receipt Status
Compliance Score by Region
Compliance Score by Region

Admin Workbench: A robust web-based tool that tracks and helps manage exceptions. With the Admin Workbench, customer’s and Zyme’s data stewards have a powerful system for ensuring that exceptions are resolved. Customers use this system to improve transparency and take control of their channel data.

Exception Resolution in the Admin Workbench
Exception Resolution in the Admin Workbench

Clean, timely data give companies more control of indirect sales

  • Simplify data collection from global channel partners
  • Gain channel intelligence you can trust
  • Improve management of channel-centered processes such as sales, marketing, and incentives management

Clean, timely data drive better partner compliance

You need partner compliance and cooperation – for the system to work, but you don’t want compliance requirements to slow down data reporting or become a barrier to visibility. Being able to accept and make sense of data, no matter what format it arrives in, increases the chance of its arrival.

Zyme’s Partner Compliance Tracking and Reporting tool makes is easier to manage partner relationships:

  • Base compliance scorecards on timeliness, completeness, and quality of data reported
  • Communicate reporting standards and scorecards to partners
  • Link incentive payments to compliance
  • Establish process for partner follow-up and exception monitoring
  • Conduct distributor audits when appropriate

Clean, timely data help channel managers be more effective

  • Better process management
  • Improved sales structure, efficiency and results
  • Accurate assignment of sales credits for commissioning purposes
  • Track and validate incentives, ensuring partners are paid accurately and on time
  • Up to 75% less time required to respond to critical issues

“Thanks to Zyme, we can now trust our channel data”

- Unify

Partner and End Customer Identification

“Few tech vendors are immune to the millions of dollars in lost revenue that amount from overpayments of channel incentives, stock-outs, gray market activity, and audit penalties/fines.”

- Jonathan Silber, Forrester Research

Problem: But do you have the right name and address?

If your marketing agency fails to give you the right name and address for the prospect you are dying to call, then the prospects’ list would be of no use to you. The same is true of your channel data management service. Collecting and cleaning up your global POS data on a regular basis is a great start, but it’s only the first step towards channel data mastery. Without accurate identification of resellers and proper attribution of sales, the business benefits of your data collection are partial, at best.

Solution: Zyme Partner and End Customer Identification (TrueID)

Zyme leverages the world’s biggest and best validated directory of global channel partners — more than 1M distributers, resellers and retailers — with the CDM industry’s most powerful and sophisticated matching algorithm to give manufacturers the information they need to automate partner/customer identification and optimize their channel business.

Identify your Partners and End-Customers Accurately
Identify your Partners and End Customers Accurately

Business Benefits: Game. Point. Match.

When your sales data is assigned to the right partner or end customer, a lot of things become clear:

  • The right company gets credit for the sale
  • You have accurate company information at every level, from local and regional vendors to countries of incorporation and DBAs
  • You can see which companies are selling which of your products and where—This information lets you understand how they manage inventory and where they fit in the partner tier food chain
  • You can target your marketing campaigns and alliances better and deploy your sales force more effectively
  • Because you can slice and dice the world in many ways, you can see which markets are underserved and where new opportunities lie
  • Zyme customers report that accurate assignment reduces channel incentive overpayments by 15% or more

“Zyme’s solution replaced our manual name-cleansing and matching process with a scalable, more accurate, automated solution.”

- SonicWall

Problem: Ok, you know your prospects, but do you know if the decision maker sits in the headquarters at San Francisco or Berlin office?

Solution: Granular, location-level identification

Business Benefits: Track. Succeed. Grow.

When you can track things down to the location or store level, it suddenly opens up new possibilities.

  • Knowing revenue by location helps you identify leaders and the laggards, so you can make tough data-driven choices
  • You can see performance by store at the product launch, enabling you to fine-tune your market strategy
  • You can analyze campaign effectiveness at the location level, thereby rewarding the best performances and taking corrective action before it’s too late
  • You have sales data by location, that helps you segment your customers by different attributes pertaining to that product
Company Name IBM North American IBM I.B.M IBM Corp
Street Address 506 Madison Avenue   1000 Belleview St 10330 David Taylor Dr
City New York   Dallas Charlotte
State NY   Texas NC
Postal Code 10022 10022 75215  
Country United States United States US USA
Zyme ID 11111111      
Zyme ID assigned by TrueID after matching 11111111 11111111 11111111
Incorporation Level Identification

The table below shows the "golden master record" at the incorporation level with additional business location IDs created by the Business Location Extension. A link is maintained between the Zyme ID and the Business Location ID.

  TrueID Golden Master Record Master - Business Location 2 Master - Business Location 3
Company Name IBM North America I.B.M IBM Corp
Street Address 590 Madison Avenue 1000 Belle view St 10330 David Taylor Dr.
City New York Dallas Charlotte
State NY Texas NC
Postal Code 10022 75215 28262
Country United States US USA
Zyme ID 11111111 11111111 11111111
Business Location ID 112 113 114
Golden master record and corresponding business location records

Match rate plus match accuracy equal match value

Great customer identification comes at the intersection of two axes — match rate, that is, how often you get a match, and match accuracy, if the information is correct and useful. This requires a powerful algorithm and an equally great database. Without both, it’s the classic garbage in/garbage out situation. Among competitors, Zyme scores high on both axes, with 98% accuracy and an extremely high business identification rate, even when a company’s data is reported under a dozen different names from different countries or in different languages. Zyme’s customers trust the intelligence that they get.

“Thanks to Zyme, we have 1 single source of truth from our data”

– Acer

Program and Claim Validation

“Zyme has streamlined the process of calculating rebates and discounts. Our payments are now more accurate and much less labor intensive.”

- Xirrus


For manufacturing companies selling through the channel, 20% of the annual revenue is paid back to the partners in the form of incentives. Forrester estimates that due to manual or disparate IT systems involving payment validation, high-tech companies may overpay incentives by as much as 15% (Ref: Market Overview: Channel Data Management, Forrester).

Solution: Automated program computation and validation (TruePay)

When the underlying data is dependable, and computation is done right, the output is nothing but happy, engaged partners and improved bottom-line.

Zyme provides both — decision grade data and enterprise-grade program computation & validation engine that accurately calculates program incentive payments owed to partners, based on a set of defined eligibility criteria, program rules, and sales performance. We support multiple incentive program types including Product-based programs, Tier-based programs, Deal Registrations, Promotions, SPAs/ Ship & Debit, and Price Protection programs.

Incentive Computation and Validation Workflow
Incentive Computation and Validation Workflow

The approved incentive payments go to the customer in the form of “Ok to Pay” file that can be loaded into the customer’s downstream systems. Zyme offers ChannelView Rebates to access the TruePay engine, configure programs, view calculation outputs, and create associated workflows, extensions, and reports natively in

Zyme offers the following value-adds to incentive validation and computation:


  • Partner Benefits Statements for partners with details on program credits or payouts calculated and their underlying transactions
  • Reports and dashboards enabled on
  • Zyme reports for advanced custom reporting and analytics

Payment Services

Payment execution to partners is available (optionally) via third-party payment service providers who can support multiple mode of payments across various countries and currencies.

Channel Incentive is the #1 tool that drives partner behavior and if properly administered, can do wonders to improve the mix, reach, or yield of your partner base.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

“Zyme helps us make pricing decisions based on actual data... The rich data visualization and drill-down capability has allowed our team to spend more time analyzing information and less on data gathering.”

- Seagate Technology


OK, so I have this clean, trustworthy data, and I am getting great coverage across all my channel partners. What next? How do I utilize this data as actionable intelligence for critical business decisions?

Solution: Zyme Business Intelligence Dashboards

A business intelligence solution that is made for channel

When you have the data in front of you that you can analyze from various angles, and visualize in any permutation or combination, it opens up new possibilities. You can now take action on this data that’s been sitting in your repository unattended so far and create business benefits. And, on top of that, if your BI tool is specifically made for channel data, that makes a huge difference when it comes to channel-centric decision making.


  • Prebuilt analyses and views based on best practices from channel data experts
  • Web-based, secure
  • Easily export data to Excel spreadsheets
  • Accessible via tablets

Some of the ways that Zyme enables you to visualize data include:

Unified View of Channel on a Global Scale

Designed for channel and sales leaders
ZAP Global TE – Designed for channel and sales leaders
Designed for country and regional managers
ZAP Global TE – Consolidated view of arriving and departing accounts


  • Offers a central, unified, global view of channel performance
  • Granular country & regional level data enable minimizing of stock-outs, and course-correction of sales performance
  • Allows quick access to current and historical POS & Inventory data
  • Highlights sales performance across products, partners and geographies
  • Incisive sales data enable tracking and management of the sales organization
  • Identify partners with sharp increase or decrease in sales activity
  • Provides an up-to-date picture of channel inventory to minimize stock-outs, maximize sales, and match demand with availability
  • Enables identification and improvement of partner performance in a multi-tier channel system
  • Helps in identifying arriving and departing resellers and end-customers
  • Support for multiple currencies

Channel Performance at Store Level

Designed for retail channel managers and leaders
ZAP Retail – Designed for retail channel managers and leaders


  • Shows global retail channel performance at a store level
  • Provides a view of all retailers (direct and indirect) that report data
  • Compares performance trends across major retail partners
  • Tracks inventory and returns at a retailer level
  • Optimized views for mobile devices with GPS enabled filters

Channel Intelligence on your mobile devices

Designed for retail channel managers on the road
ZAP Mobile – Designed for retail channel managers on the road


  • Optimized views for mobile devices with GPS enabled filters
  • Provides easy, and on-the-go access to ZAP Mobile dashboards
  • Simplified analytics for retail channel management

Download the Zyme app from iTunes App Store and Google Playstore

High Performing Channel
ZAP Mobile – Designed for retail channel managers on the road