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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

Information Technology

Benefits For CIOs and CTOs

  • Turnkey solutions: Zyme’s solutions serve as a single resource for end-to-end channel data management, eliminating the complexities of dealing with multiple vendors or multiple internal departments
  • Flexible connectivity: Zyme supports partner data collection using a broad range of standards including EDI, XML, RosettaNet, flat files, EDIFACT and more, as well as a variety of transfer protocols
  • Interoperability: Zyme’s CDM platform can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of ERP, CRM, PRM, and other cloud-based as well as on-premise applications to breakdown data silos and offer unified information flow
  • Negligible Total Cost of Ownership: As 100% SaaS solutions, there are no hardware and maintenance costs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is negligible where as the ROI is incredible!
  • Rapid implementation and self-administration: Zyme’s cloud-based CDM solutions can be rapidly implemented out of the box without any bespoke implementation costs. Moreover, IT admin users can easily self-administer the products
  • A common language for business and IT: We understand business users’ CDM needs as well as IT professionals’ concerns about security, scalability and performance. We speak your language
  • Exclusive, high-fidelity TrueID and TruePay algorithms: Intelligent, self-learning algorithms that mimic human brain in utilizing multiple attributes to achieve 99.9% data accuracy
  • Exclusive content directories: Improve partner and customer identification and transaction assignment

Zyme CDM IT Solution Features

  • High availability: Zyme offers 99.9% Solution stack uptime SLAs
  • Unlimited scalability: Multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture enables solution usage to grow without negatively impacting existing customers
  • Industry leading performance: Zyme tracks and continuously improves metrics such as application performance (page load time, etc.) as well as operational metrics such as file turnaround time, etc.
  • Information security: It is an integral component of Zyme’s operations and is of utmost importance. Our approach to Information Security is defined as Defense in Depth
  • Business continuity: Zyme has developed and maintains state-of-the-art Business Continuity Plans, covering the company’s SaaS products as well as services
  • Disaster recovery: Zyme has developed and maintains a state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery Plan, covering the company’s SaaS products as well as services. The plan undergoes regular assessment, testing and audits