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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

Finance and Compliance

“Our finance department gets good, clean, de-duplicated data that’s easily auditable.”

– Xirrus

Erratic markets, disruptive technologies, new regulations and compliance have forced the finance function to redefine its role in the organization. CFOs have been struggling to deliver faster, more accurate and insightful analysis and reporting while simultaneously managing and reducing costs.

The finance department within a company undergoes a tremendous shift as it is required to be the change agent guiding the company in the wake of an economic downturn. To respond to these pressures, the finance function is undergoing a fundamental change and realignment in order to transform it.

The top challenges facing financial executives today include inconsistent budgeting and planning processes and delays in reporting and analysis. One key area of persistent challenge for financial leaders has been to account for channel incentives overpayment. Accenture, a leading consulting and professional services company, estimates that typical high-tech companies overspend their indirect channel partner incentives by over 10%. This directly impacts the bottom line of companies, and compels financial executives to drive business decisions based on blind guess work instead of verifiable data.

“Channel incentives continue to burden suppliers, in a recent SiriusDecisions incentive survey 43% of respondents stated they are still using manual processes that are cumbersome and subject to error.”

– SiriusDecisions

Zyme’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions play a key role in ensuring financial data integrity and audit compliance. With highly accurate, trustworthy and granular data, CFOs can not only recognize revenue based on sell-through transactions, but also maintain accurate contra-revenue to account for sales returns, allowances, and discounts. Moreover, team members from the Finance and Accounting function can close books more confidently, manage regulatory partner compliance, measure channel risk, devise effective risk prevention/mitigation techniques and carry out efficient financial planning to better predict the financial performance of the enterprise.

Top Challenges Addressed by Zyme’s CDM Solutions:

  • Optimizing, planning, budgeting and forecasting using granular channel POS and inventory data
  • Reduce incentives overpayment by 10-15%
  • Driving enterprise cost reductions in Sales and Marketing while keeping inventory levels low
  • Managing/mitigating enterprise risk by identifying high risk partners and high risk transactions
  • Driving integrated information across the enterprise
  • Strengthening compliance programs/internal controls
  • Planning for better business performance analytics to provide insights and recommendations
  • Accelerating revenue growth by leveraging the indirect channel
  • Enhancing organization agility and speed in response to the changing market conditions
  • Becoming a transformation agent for innovative business practices

Armed with complete and accurate visibility into the channel, CFOs can be stewards of innovation — a critical strategic enabler for all organizations.