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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

Channel Sales

In an increasingly globalized trade and commerce scene, manufacturers place more than $5 trillion worth of goods and services in the channel to increase their revenues, while optimizing the investment in direct sales. Thus, Channel Sales as a business function, and Channel Sales leadership as a role are placed right at the center of any mission-critical business strategy.

But as products flow into the dark abyss of the complex, multi-tiered, distribution channel, Channel Sales leaders are often left wondering:

  • Who are my end customers?
  • What products are they buying, and where (as in, which territory)?
  • How can I ensure that I do not lose out on potential sales opportunities because of stock-out situations or logistical inefficiencies?
  • Is there any kind of grey market activity, eroding my sales volumes and margins?
  • How do I assign sales credits accurately and quickly for my team to feel rewarded? Moreover, how I can empower my team such that they spend less time on resolving sales credit and commission issues, and rather focus on closing deals?
  • What can I do to motivate channel partners to participate in incentives programs and drive sales?
  • Without complete and accurate visibility into the channel, how am I supposed to make informed sales forecasts?

Zyme’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions liberate the valuable intelligence locked in your channel data and help you with the ability to keep in touch with your market and your customers. Zyme customers have used this information to improve sales forecasting, motivation of sales force through more accurate sales credit assignments, and optimize their overall sales organizations. This ensures they are meeting average selling price (ASP) targets, and cultivating their channel partners.

“We are able to uncover bigger sales opportunities and reach out when we are fresh in their minds.”

– Zyme Customer,
Forrester Consulting Study

Channel Sales with Zyme allows you to:

  • Increase sales by 5% or more by responding to real-time, granular data from the channel
  • Make accurate sales forecasts with complete, 20/20 visibility into the channel and end-customers
  • Optimize your sales organization and improve sales productivity using deep intelligence on who is selling and to which accounts
  • Reduce daily sales report creation time by more than 40%
  • Improve price execution by 23% through real-time pricing feedback
  • Improve regional (at a zipcode level, as well as store level) sales performance with a deeper understanding of customers
  • Access critical channel sales intelligence, on-demand, on-the-go, on your mobile devices

“Channel incentives are still a significant burden for channel sales and marketing resources (56% of field resources are managing channel incentives), keeping valuable field resources from driving other activities that could contribute to pipeline and channel revenues.”

– SiriusDecisions