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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

Channel Marketing

As a Channel Marketing leader, one of your key objectives is to create, sustain, and above all, truly understand your channel to the market. This entails, identifying and segmenting channel partners, end-customers, and ensuring your incentives programs drive partner participation and sales.

However, without complete and accurate visibility into sales, inventory, and partner activity in the channel, Channel Marketing leaders are often left wondering:

  • How do I measure the true ROI of my channel marketing programs?
  • Who are my end-customers? What are they buying, and from which store?
  • Who are my star-performance partners, and who should I invest in developing further?
  • How do I improve partner participation in different incentives programs?
  • How can I align my MDF/ Co-op spending to grow my channel business?
  • How can I get the granular intelligence required for future product roadmap?

Zyme’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions help Channel Marketing leaders get complete and accurate visibility into the channel. With Zyme’s exclusive global content directories (such as the Global Channel Directory, the Global Location Directory, the Global Retailer Directory, and the Global Product Directory), highly scalable algorithms (such as the TrueID and TruePay) and sophisticated automation and self serve capabilities of the CDM platform, Channel Marketing leaders can easily and effectively track the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

Channel Marketing with Zyme enables you to:

  • Create better-targeted MDF, co-op, rebates and other incentives programs
  • Drive partner participation in incentives programs and grow channel business
  • Perform channel partner segmentation and build targeted development plans
  • Identify gaps in your channel, assess potential partners, and recruit them to fortify channel business
  • Protect the company’s brand equity from being eroded through unauthorized grey market activities
  • Build robust marketing campaigns backed by granular channel data
  • Use the deeper understanding of customers to improve product planning

“Cleansed POS data gives us the opportunity to examine what it is that drives Tier-2 partners’ buying behavior, and it helps us make decisions.”

– Seagate