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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution


Some challenges associated with the Semiconductor industry include:

  • Ship and Debit Validation
    • Overpayment of ship & debit claims due to poor validation
  • Revenue Recognition
    • Inaccurate sell-through based revenue recognition and higher-than-required reserves; potential audit risks
  • Sales Commissioning
    • Lack of accurate sales-credit assignment and sales-out based sales commissioning
  • Forecasting
    • High capital intensity, coupled with long cycle times and a position far down the value chain, make semiconductors vulnerable to supply-chain problems ranging from 'pig cycles' to 'bullwhip effects'

Zyme for Semiconductor

A highly visible distribution channel with actual POS and inventory information makes for an effective instrument of change. Zyme has proven expertise in handling channel data complexity, answering all the operational needs of the semiconductor industry.

Full visibility into POS data and inventory in the channel enables our customers to more accurately forecast at the beginning of the quarter. They can also see the fluctuating demand and inventory position in the channel and make informed decisions on whether to slash/ ramp-up production or repurpose the existing inventory for a different product line with more market demand. It’s how manufacturers dynamically control revenue and product-mix during the forecasting cycle.

Some areas where Zyme can boost value for semiconductors include:

Sales Execution

Key challenges:

  • Global, complex channel network; poor channel visibility
  • Poor channel data quality
  • High volumes of data
  • Increasing need for end-user information in POS data

Zyme advantages:

  • Increase availability of channel data from global distributors
  • Achieve guaranteed 98% data accuracy
  • Improve salesforce productivity by enabling Sales Credit Assignment
  • Gain complete visibility from customers to contract manufacturers to end customers

Finance, Risk and Compliance

Key challenges:

  • Companies increasingly moving to Sales-out based revenue recognition process
  • SOX compliance regulations
  • Complexity of managing special pricing and ship-and-debit policies with multiple globally dispersed distributors
  • Need for operational efficiency in channel management to reduce financial exposure

Zyme advantages: 

  • Accurate & timely revenue recognition
  • Prevent revenue leakage by improving tracking of ship-and-debit claims
  • Expedite financial close by 50% or more by improving reporting consistency
  • Improve confidence at audit time, with SOX compliant records on end customers and price paid for each transaction
  • Reduce data errors by 85% or more and time to resolve errors by up to 92%

Supply Chain

Key challenges:

  • Need forecasting precision due to long lead times
  • Need visibility into channel activity, inventory levels – especially in the current economic environment
  • Need unit-level end-product tracking precision due to high costs involved

Zyme advantages:

  • Improve forecast accuracy by getting a clearer picture of inventory in channel
  • Reduce costs by decreasing inventory capital cost
  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of POS and ship-and-debit data reporting
  • Improve visibility to disposition of products in the channel

Incentives and Loyalty

Key challenges:

  • Handful of distributors with collective bargaining power
  • Very complex distribution network with distributors and contract manufacturers having relationship with end customers

Zyme advantages:

  • Sell within an expected time frame
  • Attract design wins
  • Push more profitable products
  • Attract more partners
  • Gain market share