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Industrial Automation

Over the past few years, rapid innovations in technology have delivered new surges of growth to Industrial Automation companies. Some of the key trends that we are witnessing today include: 

Internet of things

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices and the surge in machine-to-machine communication opens new possibilities in data gathering, IT automation and the predictive analytics domain. With advances in wireless networking technology, “machine-to-machine” communication has become a rapidly evolving reality.

Increased high-tech influence on next-gen Industrial Automation products

Driven by the need for greater productivity and efficiency, manufacturers leverage “megatrends” like cloud computing, cyber-security and mobile communication technologies, leading to an increased push on compatible technologies.

Shortening product lifecycles

Sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly decisive factors for competiveness. As a consequence, innovation cycles are becoming shorter and markets are becoming more volatile, leading to shorter product lifecycle.

Some of the challenges that these trends pose are:

  • Need for shorter time-to-market
    • Sustainability initiatives, new materials and innovation at point-of-sale are fueling the need for higher-performing equipment at highly competitive prices, brought to market faster than ever.
  • End-customer visibility
    • Enterprises increasingly leverage machine data and analytics to drive productivity. In order to rapidly innovate in the competitive market, manufacturers gather and analyze machine data to understand factors contributing to optimum performance. They need to know who is using the product and how they are using it!
  • Data gathering
    • Manufacturers are trying to find answers to questions like “how to incent partners to send POS and inventory data?” and “how to cleanse the data coming from partners?” etc.
  • Finding new engines of growth
    • Industrial Automation companies need to develop new partners that can scale and grow their business.
  • Incentive payouts
    • Lack of partner sales visibility leads to incorrect payment or higher turnaround time, resulting in partner dis-satisfaction.
  • Sales commissioning
    • Poor channel visibility leads to incorrect credit assignment resulting in dissatisfied reps.
  • Service selling
    • For products that don’t get assembled by the manufacturer, there is no way of knowing who the end customers are and when they bought the product, making it difficult to determine the right candidates to sell services.

In this changing landscape, it is more critical than ever for manufacturers to have complete channel visibility. It will help them significantly improve their critical downstream business processes. Zyme’s industry-leading Channel Data Management solution delivers decision-grade channel data ---sales trends, inventory positions, partners/program performances etc. --- that empowers our Industrial Automation customers to make the kind of confident decisions that have a significant impact on business processes.

Some typical use cases in Industrial Automation sector include:

  • Coverage improvement
  • Channel development
  • Sales commissioning
  • Product development
  • Ship and debit
  • Incentive management
  • Pricing
  • Maintenance and service contract renewal