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Channel Data Management (CDM) Software & Solutions by Zyme | Solution

Enterprise Storage

An explosion in Big Data — and the need to retain, manage and analyze it — is paving way for a variety of new storage technologies. The storage industry is undergoing rapid changes with the emergence of Big Data and proliferation of the Cloud. New technologies such as software-defined storage and object storage are giving storage vendors new possibilities to innovate and meet the demands of the business.

Some challenges in this sector include:

  • Lack of 360° customer view
    • For master data management/data synchronization across disparate systems
    • To run focused marketing campaigns targeting key, strategic verticals
  • Inability to do correct sales credit assignment
    • With opportunities driven in field by both direct and indirect sales across accounts there’s a huge need to
      a) track opportunity itself
      b) pay correct sales commissions to direct and indirect sales on channel sales
  • Poor goal planning and attainment for indirect sales
    • Setting right partner goals and tracking these goals to reward partners is currently a manual, error-prone process
  • Issues with incentives calculation and payout
    • Lack of partner sales visibility leads to incorrect payment or higher payment turnaround time, resulting in partner dissatisfaction
  • Inability to identify and develop new partners
    • Since top 20% of the channel is saturated, enterprises are looking at the next engines for growth
  • Service selling
    • To identify the right candidates to sell services, companies need to know who the end customers are and when they bought the product

In this changing landscape, it is more critical than ever for manufacturers to have complete channel visibility. It can help them significantly improve their critical downstream business processes. Zyme’s industry-leading Channel Data Management solution delivers decision grade channel data — sales trends, inventory positions, partners/program performances etc. — that empowers our Enterprise Storage customers to make confident decisions and have a significant impact on these business processes.

Some use cases for Enterprise Networking companies include:

  • Customer profiling and targeting
  • Master Data Management
  • Sales Credit Assignment
  • Sales’ goal planning and attainment
  • Partner Segmentation
  • Channel development
  • Maintenance and service contract renewal