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Bogged Down By Channel Management Issues? Learn How To Leverage These To Gain A Competitive Edge

Bogged Down Webcast Thumbanil

Original Date: November 20, 2014

Duration: 30 Minutes

Speakers: Dean Fjelstul, Channel Operations Leader, former Logitech, Barnes & Noble

Neena Pandey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zyme

Event Description:

  • Are you feeling the oppressive nature of seasonality?
  • Does accurate forecasting seem beyond reach?
  • Is low inventory visibility adversely affecting your sales execution?

Learn from an industry expert on the top trends affecting the global Consumer Technology industry today and how they will shape retail businesses in the near future. Join us and discover how smarter channel management could be a source of competitive differentiation for the manufacturers in today's complex, fragmented, competitive and constantly changing world of business.

Speaker Bios

Speaker Bios: Dean Fjelstul, Channel Operations Leader

Dean Fjelstul, Channel Operations Leader, former Logitech, Barnes & Noble

Dean Fjelstul has fifteen years of experience developing, implementing and managing processes and solutions within supply and demand chain operations for retail and manufacturing. The last five years were in the consumer electronics industry at the Nook pision of Barnes & Noble and Logitech where he led worldwide channel data management efforts, planning systems management, and the analytics infrastructure. Prior to this, he spent ten years as a product manager creating solutions for inter-enterprise process management, including promotions management, retail analytics, and distributed order fulfillment. Dean began his career at Anderson Consulting (now Accenture) developing and implementing information systems for state and local governments including the states of North Carolina, California, and Tennessee.

Neena Pandey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zyme

Responsible for product marketing and solution evangelism at Zyme, Neena Pandey brings more than 10 years experience to the task. Prior to Zyme, Neena has held senior marketing positions at leading companies, including Citrix, Oracle and Sun. Neena's expertise lies in understanding the market needs and creating strong messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategies to drive product success.

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