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Infographics - Channel Data Management


Timely, accurate, and complete channel data. Is it a given for you, or a headache? Because without it, the challenges in the global marketplace — seasonal sales, short product lifecycles, limited inventory visibility — block the kind of success you are looking for.

Zyme comes to your rescue, and this infographic shows you:

  • The top challenges you face every day
  • What it takes to stay competitive in the global marketplace
  • The bottom line on what an effective CDM system has to deliver

There are a lot of CDM wannabes out there, including homegrown systems. What none of them have is the Zyme Advantage.

  • Zyme is the Channel Data Management (CDM) market leader
  • It is the only company that guarantees 98% data accuracy
  • It is a global company, with 90% Tier 1 coverage
  • It is the only company with most comprehensive global channel directory in the industry
  • It is the company that more than half of the world’s biggest consumer technology companies trust to manage their channel business

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