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Gartner Report - Channel Data Management Best Practices

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Analyst(s): Todd Berkowitz; Published: 11 March 2014

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Gartner cites Zyme solutions, a provider of channel data management solutions that can help B2B organizations improve partner segmentation and targeting, in this report. Zyme, a leading provider for channel data management solutions, helps organizations with channel data acquisition and improving the quality and reliability of this data. Zyme also enables enterprises to perform advanced analytics on this data, thereby helping them conduct segmentation and customize their go-to-market initiatives, thereby improving their return on marketing investment.

Zyme customers increase sales by responding to real-time, granular data from the channel, creating better-targeted promotions, and developing more effective partner segmentation. They use their deeper understanding of customers to improve regional sales performance and product planning. Finance and IT benefit from the more efficient data collection as well as the improved master data and financial reporting enabled by channel data management.

Zyme’s channel data management solution accelerates global the channel sales and improves the incentive program ROI by delivering intelligence you can trust for smarter channel management. Studies show Zyme’s solution typically pays for itself within the first quarter of implementation and offers a three-year ROI of nearly 200%.

With a global channel directory of over 900k partners, support for a wide range of partner data formats, and a proven methodology for ensuring partner reporting compliance, Zyme’s purpose-built cloud-based channel data management solution delivers results home-grown solutions can’t.


Using Data for Indirect Channels

“Customer data and analytics can be part of the domain of B2B marketers. IT needs to make it possible for B2B marketers to improve their segmentation and targeting to increase share of wallet. Cloud-based or outsourced analytic solutions, often designed for marketers rather than data scientists, can help unlock hidden opportunities, even with limited resources and infrastructure."