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Winning in the High Performance Channel

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The Consumer Technology market is growing at a very rapid pace and manufacturers need to constantly evolve to stay competitive. Complete channel visibility is more critical than ever. Sound business decisions and timely, accurate, decision-grade data are inseparable components of a winning strategy.

If, on a typical day…

  • You don’t have a clear of idea how much inventory is sitting in a channel, and where
  • You don’t have the accurate forecasting you need for effective seasonal sales and targeted promotions
  • Managing the complexities of your distribution model seems insurmountable
  • You make supply chain decisions, but you don’t have the trustworthy data to rest your case
  • And your lack of end-to-end visibility leads to revenue leakage you can’t account for

…then Zyme has the winning solution you need.

It’s intelligence you can trust for smarter channel management.

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