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Semiconductor Case Study

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Channel Data Integrity in the Semiconductor Industry

Executive Overview

The semiconductor industry operates with a set of complex pricing models. Due to rapidly changing conditions in end-market demand, semiconductor firms' OEM customers expect and demand frequent price reductions on components in order to remain competitive. Most semiconductor vendors have several distributors, often with differing pricing models depending on the relationship between the two companies.

Due to these complex pricing scenarios, semiconductor companies must rely heavily on information from their distributors in order to manage their businesses effectively. Special pricing agreements with distributors such as ship-and-debit, DPA (distributor price authorization), price protection and stock rotation all require meticulous record-keeping to ensure that revenue recognition conventions are not violated. Yet, information from distributors often has channel data integrity problems — the data is incomplete, untimely and error-prone.

In this case study, Zyme profiles a semiconductor company that solved its channel data integrity issues to increase confidence in its financial reporting compliance, improve its revenue recognition process, increase forecast accuracy, and achieve better visibility into distributor rebate exposure.

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