1What do we do for your business?
We identify new revenue opportunities within the channel, make data-driven decisions when it comes to prioritising their time and investment, and provide the foundation for channel growth.
2What is unique about our approach?
We understand how challenging large scale partner assessments are, and more importantly, how to use data in a meaningful way to increase channel sales revenue and decrease overheads.
3What is the Partner Assessment Service?
We developed a proprietary SaaS tool called the “Partner Assessment Service”. This tool was specifically designed to assess channel partners on a large scale, categorise them by performance and potential, visualise that data in a clear way and show the simple steps to taking action.

We identify who is a high performer based on accurate data, and apply our insight to building an ‘ideal partner profile’, we are able to identify specifically who has high potential and advise our clients on how to address any coverage gaps in their channel sales programmes.
4How does the Partner Assessment Service work?
  • Assess – We map your partner channel to show you who is earning and who is learning.
  • Develop – We identify which partners are performing based on clearly defined profiles.
  • Recruit – We analyse your coverage gaps to show you which partners to focus on.
  • Track – We provide simple, visual tools to continuously measure and analyse KPIs.
  • Grow – We enable you to increase channel sales in a sustainable, defensible way.
5How can Tactical Channel Management help channel sales leaders?
Tactical Channel Management is a precise, deliberate approach for Channel Sales Leaders to:

  • Achieve Growth - Take swift action to increase channel sales revenue
  • Gain Insight - Make strategic decisions based on accurate information
  • Improve Governance - Increase transparency in performance reporting
  • Protect Your Investment - Identify and mitigate risks to your channel
  • Lead Change - Manage internal operational change more effectively

Are you focused on Channel Growth?

Our #1 objective is to enable you to increase channel sales in a sustainable, defensible way. We'd love to hear from you.