Data acquisition: TrueData

Worldwide channel data collection made simple
Zyme’s TrueData solution simplifies data collection from global channel partners, delivering channel intelligence you can trust for smarter channel management. While most product companies collect sales and inventory data from their larger channel partners, it can be difficult to consistently collect data from smaller partners; to collect data in a timely manner (i.e. weekly or even daily); and to ensure that the data quality is good enough for making decisions.
Companies that have deployed TrueData report the following benefits:
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of channel sales reporting, due to typical data quality levels of 99% or better
  • Improved partner and customer location information, due to granular data enrichments
  • Better partner reporting coverage. Because TrueData accepts data from partners in any format, it’s easier to onboard and support them. Additionally, Zyme’s proven Partner Compliance methodology employs automated reporting of partner stats, as well as data steward services for follow-up, ensuring compliance does not become a barrier to visibility. Zyme’s customer report increases of 75-100% in partner reporting coverage after a TrueData deployment.
  • Better access to channel data throughout the organization. Data is available through ZAP Dashboards, Zyme’s analytics tool, as well as a data feed-out which can be integrated with an ERP/ data warehouse as needed.
For more information, see the TrueData Product Overview
“With Zyme, we don’t spend a lot of time internally trying to gather data, and this allows us to focus on the real issues”
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