Channel Data Management solution delivers superior ROI

Channel data management
Channel Data Management (CDM) focuses on liberating the valuable intelligence locked in channel data to improve the management of key business processes. The impact can be significant.
"Forrester’s financial analysis shows . . . this Zyme customer experienced significant risk-adjusted ROI* of 197%."

—Forrester Consulting
Zyme’s Channel Data Management solution enables companies to:
  • Accelerate sales by 5% or more annually by identifying new sales opportunities each week.
  • Get valuable intelligence on channel sales, partners, and incentives, including the ability to identify incentives overpayments of up to 10-15% of revenues.
  • Make confident decisions with accurate, timely intelligence—product companies that have adopted CDM improve their time to respond to issues by 75% and reduce errors by 98%.
IT professionals turn to Zyme for an end-to-end CDM solution that offers a rigorous SLA and eliminates the complexities of dealing with multiple vendors or multiple internal departments. In addition, Zyme provides:
  • Flexible partner connectivity
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Industry-leading performance
  • Layered security
*Based on a three-year risk-adjusted ROI, ‘The Total Economic Impact of Zyme Channel Data Solutions,’ a November 2013 Commissioned Study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zyme Solutions.
"Those channel-savvy tech vendors willing to invest in channel systems enablement efforts now will be the ones handsomely rewarded with enhanced channel efficiencies and revenue streams down the road."
—Market Overview: CDM
Forrester Research, Inc.
August, 2013
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