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The ZYME Difference

The most advanced platform, exceptional data quality, best practices

Data Worldwide

The ZYME advantage

Zyme is the #1 Channel Data Management company that serves more than 70% of the CDM market. Zyme’s advanced cloud platform, State-of-the-art SaaS solutions, and value-added services offer multiple benefits to users, such as:

  • At least 5% increase in channel sales annually
  • 15% reduction in incentive overpayments
  • 25% reduction in partner payment disputes
  • 52% drop in inventory
  • Highest data accuracy in the industry
  • 99% coverage of global reporting partners

The platform

Zyme offers an intelligent, multi-tenant SaaS platform. That means faster implementation, faster learning and evolution, higher uptime and lower implementation cost. The Zyme platform is highly scalable, and processes over $175B of channel revenue and over 1 billion transactions every year, which makes it the largest processor of operations, sales and inventory feeds across the global high tech channel. Zyme operates across more than 150 countries, and in 15 different languages. With its state-of-the-art platform and powerful enabling technologies running behind the scenes, most of the feeds are processed under 15 minutes which makes Zyme the obvious choice for growth-oriented businesses.

Zyme’s self-serve and self-learning platform provides superior efficiency and offers industry’s highest accuracy for data processing, and partner and customer identification. Zyme has the industry’s largest global channel directory of more than 1.5 M channel partners worldwide. It is growing in size and reach every day, enabling efficient and accurate partner identification. Zyme accepts data in any format and transmission mode ensuring higher reporting coverage.

The Zyme platform is highly scalable and can grow with your business needs. Security, data confidentiality and audit compliance are rigorously maintained. Your total cost of ownership is minimal. Your energy expenditure is modest. Your ROI is unparalleled.

“We are very impressed with the value we get from the platform, and the wider services that Zyme offers... Zyme is an excellent solution that delivers huge competitive advantages to us in managing our channels.”

- Graeme Reardon,
Managing Director, D-Link

The services

Zyme offers a comprehensive services portfolio driven by experienced and seasoned service professionals that enable customers to derive the maximum ROI out of their CDM solutions. Zyme’s Managed Services offering provide customers with access to deep CDM expertise, complementing our proprietary data and SaaS technology platform. Once an organization obtains channel intelligence, it must learn to use it to drive revenue growth. Zyme provides the structure to transform organizations so they can use channel intelligence to make better decisions.

When your business operates on a global scale, the ability to communicate with your partners in their local language is a competitive edge that enables you to manage your channel in real time and foster partner relations. Zyme’s regional partner-focused services, which is one of its kind in the industry, provides local language and regional expertise for partner support so you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

“Zyme managed services have become a must-have for our Channel Operations. Not only are we achieving greater levels of communication with our partners, but it’s more effective communication because it’s in the local language and the local time zone.”

- Dell

Your channel on ZYME

Trustworthy Visibility
Trustworthy Visibility

When you have timely, trustworthy visibility into your channel business — from POS to inventory, incentive programs to pricing — you can make smart, data-based decisions to increase efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Recent studies show that our customers experience an amazing return on their investment in ZYME:


“Forrester’s financial analysis shows . . . this Zyme customer experienced significant risk-adjusted ROI* of 197%.”

- Forrester Consulting

Zyme has developed a robust and granular ROI calculator that will calculate the ROI that your company can expect by implementing the Zyme solution based on your unique needs and environment. If you are interested, please click here and our sales representative will contact you.