Channel Data Management

Solving the Visibility Problem

The stakes

Technology and industrial companies put $5 trillion dollars’ worth of goods and services into the hands of global distributors, resellers, retailers and VARs every year.

Using the channel is a necessity. Blindly trusting it is a big mistake.

The channel challenge

Here’s a simple version of what channel sales look like. To grasp the true complexity, multiply each icon by dozens, hundreds, even thousands. Now, spread it across the world.

Channel Sales Challenge
Channel Sales Challenge

Let’s talk about those arrows. They represent movement — gold for product, blue for information about what happens to that product in the marketplace. The quality of that information — the data—that comes back to your company can make or break your business.

Channel Data Management (CDM)

This IT discipline came into being to improve and expedite the collection and movement of business critical information through the complex loop, that is the global sales channel.

Channel Data Management
Channel Data Management

Technology companies built products to address the challenges. As a discipline, CDM made a difference. The analysts recommended it. B2B and B2C retailers took note.

“Those channel-savvy tech vendors willing to invest in channel systems enablement efforts will now be the ones handsomely rewarded with enhanced channel efficiencies and revenue streams down the road.”

- Market Overview: CDM Forrester Research, Inc.