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Zyme Selects IEE to Deliver Faster Ad-hoc and Analytics Reporting to Channel Customers

Dec 10, 2014; By INFROBRIGHT

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Infobright’s Knowledge Grid Architecture Enables Zyme to Analyze and Manage Rapidly Growing Data

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Infobright, the database analytics platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Zyme, the global leader in the emerging Channel Data Management (CDM) solution space, turned to Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE) to power the Zyme Reports system to perform accelerated data loads and return results faster on complex analytical queries. Together with IEE, Zyme Reports increases sales by delivering real-time, granular data from the channel to create better-targeted market development funds (MDF), co-op, and rebate programs, and achieve more effective partner segmentation.

Infobright’s analytic database platform is a scalable solution specifically designed to achieve high performance for large volumes of machine-generated data used in complex ad-hoc analytic environments. A key feature that set Infobright apart from other vendors Zyme evaluated is the company’s Knowledge Grid architecture, which is designed to be the maximum representation of the data in the minimum amount of space. Zyme identified several benefits with the Knowledge Grid in place, including fast reporting queries against hundreds of millions of records immediately giving customers valuable insights; extremely fast data loads allowing reportable data to be available to customers within minutes, rather than hours; flexibility to provide a self-serve ad-hoc analytic reporting environment with minimal intervention of developers to create report-specific indexes, partition data and replication instances; and reduced storage requirements and network traffic.

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“We are now able to provide our customers the ability to view and dissect their data across various dimensions which gives them a different perspective of their channel’s business,” said Ashish Shete, Vice President, Data Platform for Zyme. “The Knowledge Grid architecture of IEE has enhanced the value we are able to derive from the data we collect, allowing our customers to access large volumes of data via Zyme Reports as soon as it is processed. This is a vital reporting requirement we would not have been able to provide to our customers without Infobright working in conjunction with our solution.”

Zyme Reports offers direct access to cleansed transaction-level and master data maintained within Zyme’s data warehouse, and provides authorized users with a simple and flexible interface to design, execute, and share reports. Using a browser-based report builder interface, users can easily execute pre-built reports showing aggregated or detailed data specifying desired information, or set up scheduled or recurring report refreshes delivered in a variety of formats, such as email attachments or FTP. Users can also manage distribution of reports to other authorized users of the Zyme Reports system to automate an otherwise tedious and manual report distribution flow.

“Companies are facing enormous amounts of pressure to deal with the growth in complexity and size of data as the Internet of Things continues to evolve,” said Don DeLoach, Infobright CEO and President. “By integrating Zyme Reports with our platform, Zyme is able to manage unpredictable data loads to deliver reports to their clients within minutes, as opposed to hours or even days, based on the channel data they collect.”

Forrester Research, Inc. reports that manufacturers are increasingly turning to commercially available channel data management systems to help them optimize incentives, inventory, revenue recognition, and compliance management. Zyme has approximately 70 percent market share in commercial CDM implementations, and a global channel directory of over 800,000 partners, making Zyme the leader in the CDM industry. More details are available at www.zyme.com.

About Zyme

Zyme is the global leader in the emerging channel data management (CDM) solution space, delivering the intelligence global companies need to accelerate channel sales and improve incentive program ROI. Zyme’s flexible, cloud-based offering simplifies data collection and helps companies such as Dell, Symantec, and Logitech liberate the valuable intelligence locked in their channels. Zyme’s solution is used to increase sales by responding to real-time, granular data from the channel to create better-targeted MDF, co-op and rebate programs, and achieve more effective partner segmentation. It is used to gain a deeper understanding of customers to improve regional sales performance and product planning. With a global channel directory of over 800,000 partners, support for a wide range of partner reporting formats, and a proven methodology for ensuring partner reporting compliance, Zyme’s purpose-built CDM solution delivers results home-grown solutions can’t. Zyme is headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA, with additional facilities in the UK, India, and China.

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