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Zyme’s new cloud platform to provide on-demand channel data

Jul 01, 2016; By Sushri Sahu, techseen

Zyme’s new cloud platform to provide on-demand channel data

The platform will aid enterprises to enhance incentives, payments and manage its e-commerce channels

Zyme’s new cloud platform to provide on-demand channel data

Channel Data management (CDM) company, Zyme has launched its cloud platform 3.0 to help global B2B and B2C enterprises monitor and optimize the performance of their distribution channels through business intelligence.

According to the company, the new CDM platform comes with a suite of SaaS solutions and value-added services that companies can use for gaining maximum ROI. It takes raw partner data and transforms it into intelligence backed by content libraries. This intelligence is then made available through analytics dashboards and unified integration with customers’ business systems.

It aims at providing visibility into global indirect sales for enterprises and into customer purchase lists to help manufacturers process sales credit assignments, accurately. Also, resellers and other channel partners can input data in any format and any transmission mode, eliminating barriers in the data analysis process, claims the company. Zyme also states that it will be processing over $175 billion in channel revenues and more than 1 billion transactions annually for companies by the end of this year.

Chandran Sankaran, Zyme CEO, said:

The Zyme cloud platform 3.0 makes our proprietary technologies and comprehensive content libraries, including more than 1.5 million channel partners and the largest directory of products and retailers, available to customers through a modern, scalable, SaaS platform. Global enterprises have immediate access to complete, accurate and timely data from resellers and distributors to unlock the enormous value that had previously been trapped in the channel due to inefficient and outdated reporting systems and processes.

Zyme’s new cloud platform to provide on-demand channel data

Zyme cloud platform 3.0 will help enterprises with:

    • E-commerce: It gives companies a picture of online shelf space to ensure they get the most out of their e-commerce investment. The solution tracks competitors’ product positioning, pricing and perception metrics across e-commerce channels to deliver actionable market intelligence and uncover the drivers of price erosion.
    • Channel Partner Incentives: Companies can achieve incentives management which automatically calculates and validates rebates and credits earned by partners based on Zyme’s decision-grade data. The solution also communicates and facilitates incentive payments to channel partners, providing for a disbursement process.
    • Internet of Things (IoT): Offering capabilities for tracking connected devices down to individual serial numbers in real-time and maps out the complete route to customer for manufacturers. By closing the loop between manufacturers and end-users, Zyme provides the context necessary to understand and act on the volumes of data generated by IoT devices.

Kevin Nusky, Director, Marketing and Sales Operations, IT Business Unit, Schneider Electric, stated:

More than 65 percent of our sales go through a distribution system, so we can’t make informed business decisions without accurate data from channel partners. Zyme delivers unprecedented partner reporting accuracy, which has led to improved inventory management, reduced rebate over payments, increased revenue through better partner development and accelerated channel growth and success.