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Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0, Software For Managing Channel Data

Jun 27, 2016; By MFR Tech


Companies selling through the channel work mainly with resellers and distributors and as a result, they can easily lose touch with the lifeblood of their business – the end customer. Without accurate and timely data from channel partners, companies are forced to make business decisions blindly, and conservative estimates show that lack of channel visibility leads to industrial sector losses of about $50 billion annually due to the misallocation of channel incentive payments and inventory markdowns.

The new Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0 is cloud software that helps global companies optimize the performance of distribution channels through timely, actionable data and intelligence.

Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0, Software For Managing Channel Data

Zyme offers complete channel visibility by gathering data from partners, transforming it into decision-grade intelligence and making this intelligence actionable through analytics dashboards and seamless integration with customers’ business systems.

Its new functionality assists companies with:

  • E-commerce: Zyme’s ePresence module gives customers a comprehensive picture of online shelf space to ensure companies get the most out of their e-commerce investment. ePresence tracks competitors’ product positioning, pricing and perception metrics across e-commerce channels to deliver actionable market intelligence and uncover the drivers of price erosion.
  • Growing Partner Ecosystem: Zyme’s expanded integration environment allows customers or partners to connect to its cloud platform using published APIs, extend Zyme’s applications, or build their own applications on top of Zyme’s clean, decision-grade data. This open infrastructure paves the way for leading industry players to join the growing CDM ecosystem and connect data to value across a range of use cases.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Zyme’s module for tracking connected devices down to individual serial numbers in real-time maps out the complete route to customer for manufacturers. By closing the loop between manufacturers and end-users, Zyme provides the context necessary to understand and act on the enormous volume and variety of data generated by IoT devices.

With Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0 handles data in any format and any transmission mode (overcoming one of the greatest obstacles to partner reporting), and covers distributors and resellers in more than 150 countries and 15 languages to fully support global operations.