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Zyme Adds Perks, Steelwedge, and Xactly to Its Partner Program

Dec 13, 2016; By Destination CRM


Zyme integrates its channel data management solutions with the three vendors' products

Zyme, a provider of channel data management (CDM), has added Perks, Steelwedge, and Xactly to the Zyme Connect Partner Program, allowing users of those companies' products to leverage Zyme's channel data via zymeConnectSM APIs to power business applications for sales commissioning, partner incentives, demand planning, partner relationship management, and more.

Customers can now extend the Zyme cloud platform 3.0 to other applications from Zyme Connect Partners, so channel data can be accessed in a secure, on-demand manner.

With these latest integrations, users can now do the following

  • Incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions can now include channel sales to calculate commissions at a partner or sales-rep level;
  • Loyalty rewards solutions can now attribute rewards points based on actual sales transaction data;
  • Partner portals can serve up validated rebate statements to partners and map partner registration processes using Zyme's Global Channel Directory; and
  • Supply chain and demand planning teams can make decisions based on real-time, fully informed perspectives of demand and the inventory positions to serve it.

Zyme covers distributors and resellers in more than 150 countries and 15 languages, and is on track to process more than $175 billion in channel revenue and more than 1 billion transactions annually for manufacturers. Pre-built integrations offered with Zyme Connect Partners allow access to Zyme data through secure zymeConnectSM APIs based on standards for customer confidentiality and data security.

"Data is the currency in cloud-based enterprise software, and the Zyme Connect Partner Program is an important step in making channel data available to various business applications in the enterprise," said Zyme Vice President of Strategic Sales Mukund Ramaratnam in a statement. "Customers can now get more value from their investments in the zyme cloud platform 3.0."

"We are excited to join the Zyme Connect Partner Program and look forward to helping customers build more effective channel incentive programs by leveraging Zyme's CDM capabilities. With zymeConnectSM and Perks' Enterprise Engagement Engine (E3), manufacturers can easily create and manage channel incentive and loyalty programs powered by timely and accurate point-of-sales data, to deliver a superior partner experience, said Claudio Ayub, chief channel strategist at Perks, in a statement.

"Connecting Zyme data with Steelwedge's PlanStreaming empowers companies to take a data-driven approach to sales and supply chain issues, such as pinpointing market opportunities by channel and product line at a granular level and reacting quickly and confidently to correct imbalances between inventory and demand," said Dhruv Bansal, vice president of product management at Steelwedge, in a statement.

"The Zyme Connect Partner Program brings the power of our enterprise-class incentive compensation solution to channel organizations immediately through our seamless integration. The ability to access accurate channel sales data in real time is a significant benefit of being a Zyme Connect Partner, and customers can benefit from improved channel sales performance that will come as a result of incenting the right behavior," added Steve DeMarco, vice president of worldwide sales and alliances at Xactly, in a statement.