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Tech Channel Index Reports Unrest In Middle East Affects Technology Sales

Mar 01, 2011

Redwood City, CA – March 1, 2011 –Tech Channel Index (TCI) reported today that channel sell-through in the Middle East region* has experienced a marked slowdown in January. The trend first appeared the week of January 15th. After adjusting for normal seasonality trends, Middle East region sell-through fell almost 30% from Jan 8 to Feb 5, 2011.

Recent social and political events across the Middle East have dominated international news coverage. Data released by Tech Channel Index indicates the impact of unrest on technology sales in the region has been significant. The Middle East TCI Sales Index, a weekly measure of seasonally adjusted technology sales, dropped from a recent high of 149.4 for the week of January 8th, down to just over 107.2 by early February. For a detailed chart, click here.

For most global technology companies, the Middle East region represents a small but important market. TCI’s aggregated data shows the region as about 3% of global channel sales and 10% of EMEA sales, so the impact of this drop is limited on a global scale.

Visit the TCI Momentum Index for up-to-date trends in technology channel sales. Additionally, get ongoing channel updates by following TCI on Twitter at #ZymeTCI.

* Middle East Region defined as: Turkey, UAE, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, & Jordan

About Tech Channel Index

Zyme’s patent-pending Tech Channel Index is based on aggregation of data from high-tech companies that opted to participate in the program. Participant data is treated with absolute confidentiality and security per Zyme’s ISO 27001 certified processes. Each week, TCI is updated with over 7 million cleansed, high-tech channel transactions from over 2000 distributors and retailers in over 140 countries. Participating companies represent over $30 billion in annual channel sales in multiple product categories. TCI data is also available for partners and research firms as a market intelligence resource. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Zyme

Zyme Solutions is the leading provider of secure channel data solutions for global technology companies. Zyme supports customers with verified channel sales and inventory data to better manage mission-critical business processes like revenue recognition, SOX compliance, incentive payments, sales commissioning, and supply chain planning. Zyme also offers cloud-based data and analytics applications, and seamlessly integrates with CRM and ERP systems. For more information, visit www.zyme.com.

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