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8 Key Takeaways From Dreamforce 2017

Nov 06, 2017

Dreamforce 2017 was yet again crowned as the world’s largest technology conference with more than 170,000 attendees and a marquee of inspiring speakers who shared their passion to leverage technology as a force of good for the society at large. With nearly 4 days of an action-packed agenda, including multiple tracks and breakout sessions, Dreamforce 2017 reinforced E2open’s foundational belief that visibility to 99.9% clean, accurate, decision-grade data is a key ingredient in driving business revenues during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here are our 8 key takeaways that we handpicked to share with a fellow trailblazer like you!


AI is driving customer insights, and is key in delivering meaningful, predictive experiences to all customers.


Data is about augmenting your knowledge and expertise with precision guidance at every point of the business decision making process.


Data analytics is no longer an inflection tool to measure how you did. It's a guidance system that will help you do better!


Marc Benioff mentioned that data-driven/ intelligent products and services will drive the fourth industrial revolution. Data is the cornerstone of the new industrial revolution. And Zyme plays a critical role in enabling informed business decisions with 99.9% clean, accurate, decision-grade data.


Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher brought forward the idea that technology (and technology-driven companies) can and must play the important role of being “Change Makers” for a better human society. Technology is the greatest equalizing denominator that does not differentiate along the lines of gender, race, age, etc. It’s up to us to harness this power and bring about a positive change in the society we live in.


Sarah Patterson, SVP Product Marketing, Service Cloud, emphasized the importance of empowering customers to find the right answers to their questions and solve problems on their own. She shared that 81% of your customers are going to try self-service options before they reach out to your company. That means you better have a robust self-help solution that is easy and convenient for customers to use.


Data is indeed the new oil - What you know about your customers, their behaviors, their buying patterns, their problems, their likes and dislikes, can create transformational opportunities that benefit both your business and your customers.


#EqualityForAll was a central theme for this year’s Dreamforce. Watch this incredibly inspiring video from Salesforce on their relentless and untiring focus on “Equality".


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